Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Scott Sohr Talks About the Positive Trend in Tennessee Real Estate

Scott SohrNashville entrepreneur and successful real estate developer Scott Sohr received his MBA from Vanderbilt University’s nationally acclaimed Owen School of Management. Scott Sohr has over a quarter of a century of management experience earned from a diverse collection of successful business ventures.

Q: What’s your view on the recent changes in the Tennessee real estate market?

Scott Sohr: I see the rise in construction and home sales as a very positive sign for housing and the state’s economy.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Scott Sohr Reports on Elmington Capital’s Success

Scott Sohr
Founder Scott Sohr serves as chief manager at Elmington Capital Group, a firm that was birthed in 2010 with a vision to purchase and resell distressed properties. Over the years, Scott Sohr has watched as the leadership team at Elmington Capital helmed the firm to rapid success, having closed hundreds of thousands of square feet in commercial and residential property.

According to Scott Sohr, Elmington Capital focuses on turning vacant space into profit, often buying properties that have sat on the market for months. While there are many property developers out there, Scott Sohr says that Elmington Capital sets itself apart by specializing in investments that are too small for large institutional investors, while at the same time being too big for individual entrepreneurs.

Scott Sohr Discusses RiverBirch Homes’ Newest Project, Arrington Retreat

Q: Where is Arrington Retreat?

Scott Sohr: Arrington Retreat is a luxurious, up-scale community and neighborhood I’m developing that is located right in the heart of Middle Tennessee, in Williamson County. It combines the elegance of homes that many people are accustomed to seeing in neighborhoods found much closer to the heart of cities, but Arrington Retreat is located in a beautiful area that is distinctly Tennessee. With rolling hills and sweeping vistas in every direction—combined with the beauty of the homes that are planned—there are gorgeous views no matter where you look.  

Q: Who is the builder on this project?

Scott Sohr: There are 3 builders in Arrington Retreat: Phillips Builders, Drees Homes, and RiverBirch Homes. Collectively, these companies have been building breathtaking homes for nearly 200 years. Working alongside them gives me a lot of confidence in the future of Arrington Retreat, and we’re excited to see our vision come to fruition.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Press Media for Scott Sohr

Acquisition of Louisville Complex by Elmington Capital Group
Firm purchases Fountain Square Apartment communities, says Chief Manager Scott Sohr.
Louisville Complex Purchased by Nashville Investor Scott Sohr and Partners
Elmington Capital Group, reported Scott Sohr, paid $22 million for the high occupancy rate properties.
Louisville Complex Purchased by Nashville Investor Scott Sohr and Partners
Elmington Capital Group invests in Fountain Square Apartments, says Chief Manager Scott Sohr.